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After 20 years in Sales, Sales Management, Product Development and Marketing, I have retired and work part time as a webmaster for small businesses. I enjoy sailing (racing and cruising), Skiing, Running, Bicycling and spending time with my wife Jane and my sons (when they're around!). On the side, I am a Webmaster (Cheap!! - See the links lower left). I am the youngest of four (see family connections above), and proud to be the son of Courtland Van Deusen III, who's 96 years old and still going strong!

I live in Lake View, NY, just South of Buffalo, sail out of the Dunkirk Yacht Club and I'm on the Safety Patrol at Holiday Valley.

Personal Links:

My Son Tom's website

Jane & Larry's Excellent Adventure: My cruising blog

Companies I've Worked for:

HD Supply

Aspire Technologies


Cooper Power Tools a.k.a. Dresser Industrial Tool Div.